The Important End-of-Life Planning Checklist Everyone Should Have

End-of-life planning can be complicated. 

It’s a subject no one likes to talk about. It makes people uncomfortable. It forces you to grasp the unknown future. 

But it’s vital that those you love understand your wishes, and that is possible by having comprehensive end-of-life planning at our assisted living facility in Shallotte.

It’s often difficult to know where to start, and that’s why we’ve created this comprehensive checklist for your ease and convenience. We encourage you to bookmark this webpage and share this information with those you love. 

Your Complete End-of-Life Planning Checklist

  • Speak to Your Loved Ones

Of course, speaking to your family or those you love is no substitute for official documents, but it does help them understand your wishes. This is a good time for them to raise any concerns that they may have regarding your end of life wishes. 

  • Be Sure You Have a Will

As obvious as it may sound, many people die without leaving a will. According to AARP, only 4 in 10 American adults have a will. 

It doesn’t matter whether you own a large estate or you have more simple possessions. Without a will, your loved ones may be left in an expensive legal battle. 

  • Take Time to Create a Living Will

What’s a Living Will, and Why Is It Important in End-of-Life Planning?

A living will is a type of advanced directive. It provides information about what medical care you want and do not want in the event that you lose your ability to do so. 

  • Establish a Health Care Power of Attorney

For your end-of-life planning, this vital form enables someone you designate to make medical decisions on your behalf when you are unable to do so yourself. 

  • Name an Executor of the Estate

This person will take care of everything when you die, and make sure your desires from your will are carried out to the letter.

  • Take Inventory of Your Property

It’s easy to remember the important things–a house, a car, land—but what about that porcelain fine China collection that has been in the family for three generations?

By taking a careful inventory of your property, you’ll have a better idea of what you have and who should inherit each object. Being detailed now can take a lot of stress out of the process later. 

  • Don’t Forget Your Pets

Who will care for your beloved beagle when you’re no longer able to? Is there a relative who would take good care of your cat should something ever happen to you? In many cases, pets are like members of the family. Be sure to remember them and ensure they will receive love and care. Your end-of-life planning isn’t complete until you include any furry friends.

  • Provide Vital Information on Accounts

Be sure that vital information on bank accounts, life insurance and other important elements are easily located. Don’t assume that your children or family know where they are located. This also includes passwords to email and banking sites. 

Resources for More Information on End-of-Life Planning

Fortunately, you can discover many end-of-life planning forms in an easy, downloadable PDF format from the NC Secretary of State’s office. Follow the directions on the website for registration of forms. 

Advance Directives, NC Secretary of State.

At Coastal Pointe, We Want to Ensure You Know About End-of-Life Planning

At Coastal Pointe, our beautiful assisted living community in Shallotte, we care for every element of your well-being. From delicious and nutritious meals to a meticulously designed facility, we have created our environment with your comfort in mind. 

A big part of that comfort is knowing that your loved ones will be free from the stress of wondering about your end-of-life wishes. 

We invite you to learn more about our community and why our residents love living at Coastal Pointe assisted living in Shallotte, NC—just a short drive from beautiful Brunswick County beaches. Contact us today for a tour. Hurry, our spaces fill quickly!