5 Surprising Benefits of Assisted Living Communities

Maybe you’ve been hesitant. 

After all, moving into assisted living is a big step. It means downsizing and packing. But have you considered the many benefits of assisted living? We’ve found that those who have taken advantage of these benefits at Coastal Pointe live healthier, more fulfilled lives without the worries of home maintenance or other similar headaches. 

We’ll take a closer look at 5 of these benefits of assisted living… and some of them may surprise you. 

5 Fantastic Benefits of Assisted Living Communities

1. A Social Network

Maybe your children live on the other end of the state. Perhaps your parents’ home is far away, and you worry about them spending so much time by themselves. 

Assisted living provides a new network of friends and neighbors. By providing an active social life, many seniors can improve both their mental and physical health. Coastal Pointe is the perfect venue. The benefits of assisted living make this possible. 

2. Freedom From Mundane Obligations

By obligations, we’re talking about home maintenance, cleaning house and fixing dinner. Then there’s the more expensive aspects of home ownership: paying property tax or HOA fees. 

When you’re free from these daily tasks, it opens the door to new horizons. Have you ever wanted to learn to paint? Perhaps you’d like to spend a leisurely afternoon scrapbooking. This freedom allows you to have time to indulge in your hobbies and discover new ones. 

3. Better Mental Health

The benefits of assisted living not only free you from the stress of home maintenance and daily chores, but they are also good for your mental health.

It may surprise you to learn that senior Americans are particularly susceptible to stress and anxiety. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 20% of people aged 55 years or older experience some type of mental health concern such as anxiety or depression. 

While the rate of depression among older adults seems to increase with age, it’s vital to understand that depression is not a natural part of growing older. Thankfully, 80 percent of those with depression can be successfully treated. 

Those in assisted living have a successful network of peers and health care workers who can work closely with them to help overcome the stress and anxiety that they may face. In fact, many adults in assisted living find that their mental health has improved. 

4. Assisted Living Can Help Your Bone Health

This one may be surprising. After all, how can assisted living help you improve your bone health?

It centers around the active environment that is one of the benefits of assisted living. 

Osteoporosis, a disease that causes brittle bones, affects around 54 million Americans, according to information from the National Council on Aging.  The risk of developing osteoporosis increases as you age. Two things that help you maintain healthy bones are a balanced diet and regular exercise. 

Through our dining services, we ensure that our residents have meals that are both delicious and nutritious. In addition, we have regular, age-appropriate exercises that help our residents build stronger bones and reduce their risk of falls. 

5. Your Family Also Benefits From Assisted Living

Many don’t consider this assisted living benefit, but it’s an important one. Those you love often worry about you—even if they don’t admit it. Every little slip, accident or slight unsteadiness makes them concerned. 

Assisted living benefits them by providing peace of mind. You’re not the only one who is able to let go of stress, but your children, siblings or spouse will also rest easier knowing you have the supervision to help if needed, but that you’re still living a fulfilling life that enables you to be as independent as possible. 

Coastal Pointe Provides all the Best Benefits of Assisted Living in Shallotte, NC

We believe in providing more than just a room. Four walls and a door does not create a home. It takes care, compassion and treatment with dignity and respect. That’s what we offer at Coastal Pointe.  It’s a chance to reconnect with those you love, to form new connections and hobbies. Most important, it’s a helping hand that provides peace of mind for you and those who love you. 

Ready to get started? Contact us to take a tour and see why our residents love living at Coastal Pointe