How Do You Manage Old Age Alone? We Can Help

Some people confess it is among their biggest fears: aging alone. Why are they aging alone? Many have lost spouses through the years. Perhaps they don’t have children or their children live far away. 

Either way, facing your senior years alone can cause a lot of anxiety and worry. 

But how do you manage old age alone? Is there some way to maintain independence during the aging process? We’ll examine how do you manage old age alone and what assisted living can do for you. 

How Do You Manage Old Age Alone? 4 Tips You Can Use

1. Utilize Your Support Network

While you may feel alone, we’ll venture that you have at least someone—a neighbor, friend or clergy member—who will listen to your worries and concerns. So, while you may feel absolutely alone, it’s important to evaluate your support network that you do have around you. 

When you evaluate your network, you may be surprised to realize you have more support than you initially thought. If you don’t have a support network, try to start one. Remember to include members of your healthcare team. 

One of the great things about assisted living is that it helps you develop this network of support, as you’ll make new friends — many of whom have faced challenges similar to yours. 

2. Stay in Shape – Mentally and Physically

It’s simple: The healthier you are, the better off you’ll be. The key to aging well is to be proactive to avoid diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. If you do have these or other chronic conditions, then be sure you’re working with your doctors to control your health issues. 

Don’t overlook your mental health as well. Depression is surprisingly common among older Americans. According to the Centers for Disease Control, depression is more common in those who are facing other illnesses—particularly serious illnesses such as cancer or heart disease. 

When you examine that 80 percent of older adults have one chronic health issue and half have two or more, you can see how depression impacts seniors.  How do you manage old age alone should always include a mental health plan in the answer.

3. Appoint a Proxy

If there is ever a point where you cannot make your health care decisions by yourself, you’ll need to name a healthcare power of attorney. If you don’t have a sibling, child or relative to take this role, you’ll need to be sure someone is appointed whom you trust. 

One important aspect of managing old age alone is speaking with an attorney who specializes in elder law who can point you in the right direction. In addition to appointing a proxy, speak with your attorney about a will or any other documents that are needed.

4. Schedule Regular Doctor Visits

As we mentioned earlier, half of all senior Americans are dealing with a long-term, chronic illness. A big part of managing your health is having regular cancer screenings, annual physicals and meeting with your doctor to be sure your medication management strategy is working. 

By fostering a proactive relationship with your healthcare team, you’ll be able to avoid health problems or keep chronic diseases from getting worse. 

How Assisted Living in Shallotte at Coastal Pointe Can Help You Manage Aging

How do you manage old age alone?

As we reviewed, there are several useful tips that can help you manage. But perhaps one of the best resources is assisted living. 

When you’re in assisted living, you have your independence, but you have help available if you need it. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about the headache of housework or meal preparation. 

At Coastal Pointe, we’ve created a home-like community that is the perfect environment for engaging in new hobbies and meeting new friends (to build that support network!)

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