8 Ways to Lead the Discussion on Parents and Nursing Care

You’re exhausted.

For the last several years, you’ve been trying to help take care of your parents. Maybe they’ve even moved in with you. Perhaps you’ve had to spend extended time with them after work, helping them with mundane household tasks. Add to the mix the multiple times you’ve driven them to and from doctor’s appointments, and you have a recipe for caregiver burnout. 

You realize it may be time to discuss parents and nursing care. You’ll need to explain to your parents the benefits of assisted living. 

But how do you go about discussing assisted living options? It’s a difficult, but important, conversation to have. That’s why we’ve provided these 8 ways to approach parents and nursing care. This will help you open the doors for discussion to show your parents the benefits of assisted living. 

8 Ways to Discuss Parents and Nursing Care With Your Loved Ones

1. Speak From a Place of Love and Concern

Everyone fears the conversation of what to do when their parents aren’t able to live by themselves. But when you approach it, do so from a place of concern—not demand. For example, you may wish to say something like, “I’ve been very worried about your safety when you’re by yourself” as opposed to “You need to move to a facility.”

2. Emphasize the Benefits of Assisted Living at Coastal Pointe

When you mention assisted living, parents, and nursing care, the first thought may be about being “put in a home.” But that’s far from the assisted living communities of today. 

At Coastal Pointe, we have a variety of activities, delicious meals, a beauty salon, and your own space to call home. By scheduling a tour, you can see why our residents love living at Coastal Pointe.

3. Mention Specific Examples

If you are worried about your parents, mention specific examples of times when you were concerned. Maybe they left the stove on or fell when they were taking a shower. By mentioning specific incidents, you can help them better understand things from your point of view.

4. Get Them Involved

When considering an assisted living facility in Shallotte, allow your parents to get involved in the selection process. Tell them to make a list of the amenities and features they’d like to have. (We believe that you’ll discover that Coastal Pointe checks all the boxes!)

5. Invite Them to Go on a Tour

Seeing is believing. When dealing with your parents and nursing care, you want them to have firsthand experience with the place that will become their next home. This is easily accomplished by scheduling a tour. 

6. Listen to Their Concerns

We’ve explored a lot of ways that you can talk to them, but it’s equally important that you listen to your parents. This is vital to assure them that you have their best interests at heart. Failure to listen to them can drive a wedge between you and keep you from seeing eye to eye. 

7. Make a List of Questions

We realize that you may not have all the answers about the benefits of assisted living in Shallotte. Therefore, sit down with your parents and compile a list of questions. Not only will you get the information you need, but you’ll give your mom and dad a greater sense of control in the process. We find this is one of the most important aspects of dealing with your parents and nursing care. 

You may even discover that there are a lot of things you don’t know about assisted living care

8. Be Patient if Your Parents Initially Refuse

Remember, you are not the only one who is going through a lot of stress.

Your parents have seen their transition from independence to dependence on others. That can be depressing. Frightening, even.

So, it’s not unusual for them to be initially resistant. 

In actuality, the social environment of assisted living can go a long way toward fighting depression and eliminating loneliness. 

We explore this issue more in-depth in our earlier article, “What to Do When Your Parent Refuses Assisted Living Care.”

Coastal Pointe Provides a Safe, Nurturing Environment for Those You Love

By visiting your parents at Coastal Pointe, you’ll be able to step out of your role as caretaker and back into your role as a son or daughter. Not sure what to talk about when you visit with your parents? Our earlier article has some excellent conversation starters you may want to try. 

See why our residents love living at Coastal Pointe. Our spaces fill quickly, so contact us today!