How Do You Evaluate Assisted Living Communities?

Perhaps your mother left the stove on without realizing it or your father has had a few falls. You’re concerned about them living on their own, yet you’re not sure of your next step.

After all, you don’t want them to lose their independence, but you’re concerned about their safety.

Assisted living communities are a great option. In assisted living, residents are encouraged to be as independent as possible, although assistance is always available when needed. It also takes away the headache of home maintenance, mundane chores and meal preparation.

But how do you evaluate assisted living communities? What should you look for and question? We’ve got some tips about what to look for when you evaluate an assisted living community, the questions you should ask, and how to involve your loved one.

Evaluate the Assisted Living Location

Would it be best for your loved one to be located near friends or relatives, or do they need to be closer to a major medical facility? This is an important topic to consider because the answer will dictate your choices for a given area.

Always look at the area surrounding the assisted living facility. Are there plenty of opportunities for excursions and activities? Shopping being nearby and convenient is always extremely important.

You should also evaluate whether or not the primary care physician is located nearby. If the parent is moving to be closer to you, be sure that they have a physician in your local community.

Ask the Right Questions

Sometimes your mind is so full of questions that it’s difficult to narrow down which ones are the most relevant. Some of the questions you may consider asking are:

  • How many residents live here?
  • What are the unit sizes?
  • What about special care units for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias?
  • Are the rooms/bathrooms private?
  • Can residents choose their own doctors?
  • Are there excursions or events?
  • Are there security and fire safety alarms?

Get Feedback From Your Loved One

This is going to be their home for the next chapter of their life. Discuss their preferences. Ask them what they like/ don’t like about a facility.

It’s vital that you identify the activities and features that are most important to them. Make a list and compare it to the many opportunities available at Coastal Pointe.

Traditionally, deciding upon an assisted living facility includes taking a tour. While this is typically a very important aspect of your decision, due to restrictions based upon COVID-19, we are unable to offer any tours at this time.

However, we are pleased to be able to offer virtual tours! Please contact us and we’ll send you the information that will give you a firsthand look at all Coastal Pointe has to offer.

In addition, we do encourage you to leave your contact information with us so that we may get in touch with you after these restrictions are lifted.

In the meantime, we invite you to read more about our assisted living community and view the photographs on our website.

We appreciate your understanding—we have adopted these restrictions because we put the health and security of our residents at the center of all we do.

Ask Questions About the Staff

At Coastal Pointe, we place great importance on having a staff that is compassionate, friendly and experts in their fields. You should discuss the ratio of staff to patients as well as which ones have received specialized training.

For example, at Coastal Pointe, we have a memory care center that helps those who have Alzheimer’s or other dementia-related diseases. They are carefully supervised by staff with specific training in this area.

Look for Accreditations and Licensing

This is also of paramount importance. You want to be sure that your facility has received the proper accreditations and licensing, This demonstrates a dedication to excellence and reassurance that the one you love will be well cared for every day.

Understand the Full Scope of Services Offered

One of the distinct advantages of assisted living communities is that they take the headache out of the tasks of everyday living. This could mean anything from basic maintenance and laundry to assistance with medication or bathing.

While your loved one may be independent when they enter the assisted living community, they may need more help later on. Therefore, it’s important to see how this progression of care works.

Is it an Environment in Which They Can Be Happy?

While closer tours and inspection of the facility will have to wait until after the coronavirus crisis, you can gather a lot of information by doing research and examining brochures.

For example, at Coastal Pointe, we have created an environment full of engaging décor centered on a Main Street theme. As part of this theme, residents can enjoy a stroll through the neighborhood where they can sip a coffee with friends or take in the latest classic movie at the theatre.

Coastal Pointe: The Newest Assisted Living Community in Brunswick County

We invite you to contact us to get more information about our community and what makes us different from other assisted living facilities in the area. We are here to assist you are ready to evaluate our assisted living community. We believe that our friendly staff provides a sense of peace and tranquility for our residents who love calling Coastal Pointe home.

Contact us for additional information. We look forward to meeting you after restrictions are lifted.