What Can You Expect to be Included In Your Assisted Living Fees?

Some surprises are good: Unexpected gifts. Surprise birthday parties.

Surprise hidden fees? Not so much.

When considering assisted living communities and what care is involved in assisted living, you should also examine what is included in the assisted living fees. After all, the last thing you want is to be “nickel and dimed” for any little extras.

At Coastal Pointe, our flat fee means that everything is included—from transportation to that extra cup of coffee in the afternoon.

When it comes to assisted living communities, understand every little detail of the price tag—and what it includes.

Beware of These Hidden Fees in Assisted Living Communities!

Community Fees

Before you even move in, many assisted living facilities will charge a community fee that goes toward the expense of preparing your apartment. In certain cases, it may even apply to any activities in which you want to participate.

Coastal Pointe’s community fees are much less than other assisted living facilities.

Daily Care Costs

It’s difficult to calculate these costs. Why? Because each community has a different way of determining them.

The community employees calculate the resident’s daily living care costs based upon an assessment. This is usually done by a nurse or wellness coordinator.

Sometimes these services are provided a la carte, which means you’ll have to pay for each individual service you receive.

Therefore, you could end up paying extra for every little thing.

At Coastal Pointe, we don’t believe in squeezing every dollar possible from our residents. That’s not the way we operate. We believe in one flat fee that includes everything—your meals, your community activities and your daily care costs. It’s one of the distinct advantages that sets us apart from other assisted living facilities.


In certain cases, the rent charge is separate from the care charge at an assisted living community, which can cause confusion and frustration. To make matters even more complicated, certain units may have different charges depending upon location or view.

At Coastal Pointe, we believe you don’t just have a room—you have an address. And this address is covered by flat-fee pricing so there’s never any guesswork with what you’re paying for.


Telephone, internet and cable are some of the items that fall under the utilities charge. At Coastal Pointe, while we don’t provide the actual telephone, we do provide the service.

Laundry and housekeeping services

One of the great things about assisted living is that it takes the headache out of everyday chores such as laundry. Some facilities will give an extra charge for laundry and housekeeping—you can easily see how these little monthly charges can quickly add up!

At Coastal Pointe, your laundry and housekeeping are included with your monthly rent.


Whether or not transportation services are included varies widely by community. Some facilities only offer transportation to medical appointments nearby.

What Care Is Provided in Assisted Living?

Assisted living helps those who may need help with activities of daily life—such as dressing – but still maintain a level of independence. One of the main advantages of assisted living is that you don’t have to put up with the hassles of home ownership, lawn maintenance or household chores.

Assisted living communities offer those services and many more.

It’s important to distinguish between skilled nursing and assisted living. Skilled nursing facilities are for those who need around-the-clock, intensive medical care. Assisted living is for those who can live independently but just need a helping hand now and then.

Coastal Pointe is All-Inclusive

We believe that when you’re transitioning to Coastal Pointe, the last thing you need to worry about are hidden fees.

With our up-front, flat-fee pricing, you always understand what you’re getting—with no surprises.

Some of the other benefits of Coastal Pointe are:

  • We provide the landline with the purchase of a modem
  • A wall-mounted TV for each room is provided
  • Fees include cable and internet
  • We also can furnish rooms or you can bring your own
  • In addition, we also can provide linens to include towels and washcloths

As one of Brunswick County’s newest senior assisted living communities, we offer a home-like, stair-free environment with handrails throughout our facility because at Coastal Pointe, your safety comes first.

We invite you to take a tour and discover all the amenities that are included when you make Coastal Pointe your next address.