Ten Things to Know About Senior Living Communities

When someone mentions senior living, are you thinking of a rural old folks home?

Think again.

Today’s senior living communities are invigorating places that have a wealth of activities and busy social calendars. This allows the residents to be able to be engaged and involved. Are you sure you understand all the aspects of these places?  We’ve outlined ten things you should consider.

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Senior Living Homes

  1. Residents can maintain independence while receiving help

So many people view senior living communities as giving up your independence. In actuality, freedom from chores and mundane household maintenance gives you time to enjoy retirement. And you’ll be able to focus on the activities you love – like travel, for example. At Coastal Pointe, we respect your independence but are always there to give an extra helping hand if needed.

  1. They aren’t always for those who are sick

Certainly, if there is a need for closer supervision, or if your loved one has Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, assistance will be provided. But look into today’s senior apartments and you’ll likely find those who are healthy, happy and thriving.

  1. Senior living homes have more options than ever

Outings, activities, events—senior living homes have access to many interesting and engaging activities. It’s important to realize that these are not “old folks homes.” These assisted living communities offer extensive opportunities. In fact, at Coastal Pointe, this is reflected in the fact that our residents don’t merely have rooms, they have addresses.

  1. You can bring your car with you

While transportation is available, seniors who can safely drive may choose to do so—and often do. For many, this provides yet another independent outlet they can use to explore the surrounding areas.

  1. Forget the “old folks home” – senior living communities are more personalized than ever

Do you enjoy having a few friends over to visit before the big game? Perhaps you like to take your paintbrush and practice capturing the vivid landscapes of southeastern North Carolina. Maybe an afternoon on the beach is more your style.

Regardless of your interests, senior living can usually accommodate them, and your loved one is likely to find others who enjoy the same activities you do.

  1. Many wish they had made the move sooner

It’s true! When faced with the endless to do lists of home maintenance and errands, many find the level of independence and assistance offered at places like Coastal Pointe a welcomed break.

  1. Paying for senior living homes can be more economical

Suppose you (or your loved one) decide to stay at home. Have you considered the cost of upkeep to your current home? Depending upon the age of your house, maintenance and repairs can become quite costly. What about if you have to pay someone to come in and help you with daily life?

In cases like these, senior living homes can be a much more economical option, offering the comfort of home with the convenience of assisted living. 

  1. You’ll still be able to enjoy your favorite hobbies

There’s a misconception that at the “old folks home” the only activities are sewing and bingo. At Coastal Pointe, nothing could be further than the truth. Enjoy the latest screening of a classic film or learn a new craft or even participate in aerobics. No matter what your interest, there’s something for you here.

  1. You’ll be able to personalize your space

Some are afraid that an assisting living community will have an “institutionalized” feel. We’re happy to report that you or your loved one can add personal touches, whether it’s family photographs, a favorite end table or a handmade quilt.

  1. Memory care is available for residents

Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia affect millions of Americans. Many assisted living facilities have specialized care units with highly trained staff who provide engaging interaction in a safe supervised environment.  This goes a long way toward helping putting a family at ease, knowing that they can step out of the role of caregiver and back to their role as son or daughter.

Get to Know Coastal Pointe

We have 62 rooms dedicated to assisted living and another 48 for memory care to help those with Alzheimer’s or other dementias.

As Brunswick County’s newest senior living community, we offer more than a place to live—we offer an  address, a place to call home, a place where you or your loved one can thrive.

Contact us to schedule a tour, and you’ll discover why our residents love calling Coastal Pointe home.

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